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For Images Visit http://goo.gl/Ju9Zp7 Chasing camels in the desert and taking a cheetah for a ride in his Mercedes: Inside the super-bling life of the Saudi playboy whose fleet of golden cars has taken London by storm Saudi billionaire has caused a stir in Knightsbridge after flying over a fleet of gold vehicles to get him around His online social media accounts show him driving cars through the desert as well as burning rubber in London Little is known about the super-rich car-lover, who is thought to be linked to a branch of the Saudi royal family Driving between Mayfair boutiques in a fleet of golden supercars might seem like the height of a extravagance to most people - but for Turki Bin Abdullah, it's just an average day. The super-rich Saudi has caused quite a stir in west London in recent days as his golden Bentley, Lamborghini and Rolls Royce have been seen touring the streets and parked outside luxury hotels. But MailOnline can today reveal the billionaire's incredible lifestyle of the vehicles' owner, who is believed to be linked to a branch of the Saudi royal family. The photos and videos posted on instagram document Bin Abdullah's globetrotting lifestyle as he takes his money and his cars between the oil-rich states of the Middle East to the most exclusive streets of Europe. In one video, he is shown chasing a camel down a steep desert slope in his £370,00 six-wheel Mercedes G63. A friend jokes: 'My drive home from school'. Another clip, posted just a few weeks ago, shows him filming himself as he drives his £350,000 Lamborghini Aventador SV in west London, followed by friends in another of his golden vehicles. Another driving video shows him wearing two expensive watches on his wrist as he is apparently escorted by a police car on a road in the Middle East. One of the most bizarre photos posted on the social network shows a cheetah strapped into driving seat of his Mercedes jeep as one of his 51,000 followers comments: 'That is some serious dollar'. Bin Abdullah also posts photos of his cars parked in exclusive locations in Paris, London and Dubai as he flies them around the world to be with him at great expense. He is also seen frequenting expensive restaurants including Home Bakery in Dubai. The gold cars were spotted parked outside the five-star Mandarian Oriental hotel near Hyde Park over the Bank Holiday weekend before being driven through Kensington. Their journey also took them to Cadogan Place, where the average house price is just over £5.2million. It is not known how much it costs to cover the cars in gold chrome wrap, but previous reports suggest it is in the region of £4,000 per vehicle. The annual influx of supercars from the Middle East has become well known in London and tourists now travel from around the world to look at the expensive machines and have photos taken with them. It is thought owners pay in excess of £20,000 to fly their vehicles around 3,000 miles to London. Qatar Airways is one of the operators that facilitates the transportation, with airport staff securing vehicles to the floor of the relevant aircraft before flight. Last year, following numerous complaints, the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea introduced a Public Spaces Protection Order in Knightsbridge. Motorists are now banned from revving their engine, rapidly accelerating, racing, performing stunts, sounding horns or causing obstructions. They are also prohibited from leaving the engine of a stationary car running.